The End-of-Life Options Act

The hospice philosophy is that we neither hasten death nor prolong life.  Rather, we support an individual through their terminal illness with comfort medications and the emotional and spiritual care needed to have a peaceful and dignified death.

Eagle Glen Hospice supports an individual’s right to self-determination.  If a patient chooses to take medications that are prescribed to end their life, they need to have the process for obtaining these medications completed through a physician that can prescribe them.  Our hospice medical directors do not prescribe these medications directly.  The process to obtain them requires a series of interviews with the physician to assure the potential risks, expected result, and feasible alternatives or additional treatment options have been explained and considered.

This can occur while the patient is on hospice with us, and we will support whatever decision is made.  We will provide the nursing expertise to support them with comfort measures, however, no one is allowed to administer the end-of-life medication except the patient himself.  This is part of the initial legislation when the law was passed. 

Our team is trained and proficient in caring for patients at end-of-life and will support patients and their families and caregivers through this process.