Uni Care, Caring for LIFE!

Would you like to have a health device that can help keep you (or a loved one) safer and provide peace of mind?

Uni Care TeleHealth is a preventative care program that is covered by many insurers so there is no cost passed onto the patient.  

Using advanced technology in the form of smart devices, Uni Care can monitor and track your health from almost anywhere — for example, your home, skilled nursing facilities/long term care, assisted living facilities, and senior apartments/independent living. 

Do you have any of these diseases or symptoms?  To help avoid hospitalization, they can be monitored and tracked at no cost to you with qualified insurance:

If you are a current Uni Care patient and want to be signed up for this program, please speak with your Clinical team so they can help you. 

This program complements your existing care — it is not a substitute for it.

What can you expect after you sign up?  A nurse will contact you to onboard you to the program.

  • An annual health visit and plan of care discussion will take place to better understand your health goals. 
  • You will then be provided with a smart blood pressure kit along with additional devices based upon the chronic condition to monitor. 
  • You will check your vitals on a predefined schedule.  Anytime a reading is outside of baseline, a nurse will contact you to make sure you are okay and access if help is needed — including collaborating with your physician.  
  • At the end of the month, you will be provided with an end-of-the month health report card.

TeleHealth Available from the Comfort of your Home

Please call today to learn more how we can help keep you safe and comfortable in your own home and if you have qualified insurance to cover this preventative program.

Patient Referrals

If you know of someone who may need our quality and compassionate Uni Care TeleHealth, please contact us.  We will work directly with the patient, doctor (for the care order) and/or family that you’ve referred to us.  Thank you for thinking of us.