Uni Care, Caring for LIFE!

“I am very satisfied with Uni Care Home Health. I have always been treated with dignity, respect and genuine concern. I could not ask for two nurses any better and professional. I love and appreciate them both.”  (2022)

“Highly qualified, highly motivated and excellent communication skills. I am grateful.”  (2022)

“The physical therapist was excellent. He was patient and explained everything we would do before starting.”  (2022) 

“Best physical therapy I have ever had. Very pleasant. I appreciate your care very much.”  (2022)

“Everything good. Very pleased with the concern for me that they all had.”  (2022)

“I am grateful for the personnel that have been here. They always call and always keep us well informed. They seem to really be interested in your health. Thank you!”  (2022)

“I had fallen and all I required was physical therapy. My therapist was very knowledgeable, and helped me with my balance. I would rate him on a scale of 1 to 10 as a 10.”  (2022) 

“Recovering from a total knee arthroplasty. I had to overcome several physical obstacles associated with this surgery. My physical therapist has not only been supportive during these changes, he helped me work through some of the pain and difficulties I’ve encountered without adding more pain medication(s). His extensive education and experience treating patients with joint replacements has helped me overcome and understand by modifying and targeting my therapy so that I feel successful while working and strengthening the muscles and structures around my knee replacement. Thank you Uni Care for bringing in this qualified and talented therapist.”  (2022) 

“Uni Care took great care of my wife’s mother in her final days. They made sure she was comfortable, and really helped the whole family. They stepped in to help with things from special medication to working with the funeral home. One nurse in particular was amazing. She came on Friday, when my mother-in-law was fading. The nurse helped to transform a sad experience into a memorable and uplifting one. I would recommend Uni Care for anyone needing home hospice.”  (2022)

“My physical therapist is very professional and always on time.”  (2022) 

“We have tried several Home Health agencies until we found Uni Care Home Health for my mother. The office staff were always friendly. The nurses were thorough and took their time in explaining the care and medicines. They brought out a pill box and helped organize her daily pills. We loved the Physical Therapists. They were helpful and got my mom up and walking again… Thank you, Uni Care — we would love to have you back in the future if the need arises.”  (2017)

“All of them have been very caring. I thank them for all they do to help people. God bless you all.”  (2022) 

“Very beneficial to me. Very professional nurses and personnel.”  (2022)

“Uni Care hospice nurse took care of my mom who had Parkinson’s. She did a wonderful job, she is a great professional.”  (2022)

“I would like to thank you for your recent care of my mom during her recent hospice care. My sister and I took on a great task taking care of her. It was a great help and relief to know a good team of support and knowledge was a phone call away. You treated my mom with kindness, gentleness, comfort and friendliness. It was most impressive to watch; we are so grateful of your care to her. Thank you for your dedication to your patients and their families. Not everyone can do the job you do. You touch many lives in a positive way during a sad time for them. Thank you! With sincere appreciation.”  (2022)

“Unicare is an excellent hospice with a great support system and team.  Specifically Elaine, RN and Naz, LVN.  If you have them both on your care team for your loved one, you are in great hands.  They both went above and beyond for my grandmothers needs.  They were extremely respectful, kind, and welcoming with my whole family when they would do their visits to our home.  And they provided us with constant comfort and peace knowing our grandmother wasn’t suffering.  Thank you to everyone at Unicare, especially Naz and Elaine.  We cannot thank you enough.”  (2023)

“AMAZING!!!  My dying mother was transferred home from a nursing home last week.  In one day’s notice, Uni Care came over, set everything up in my parents home, leaving us with instructions to care for her.  They came over for the next three days, before and after she passed.  There was such a kind display of care and compassion from the whole staff.  They were on call and present and treated her with such dignity and respect.  We are so grateful we used their services and my mother could be assisted so beautifully in her final days with us.  Thank you so much Uni Care!”  (2023)

“We want to thank Uni Care staff for their full support and help during one of the hardest times of our lives.  We highly recommend Uni Care.  They took amazing care of our mother in her final months.  Naz and Elaine were amazing and took the best care of our mother and also the other great staff Beverly, Mylvia, and Jennifer.  We got full physical and emotional support from all of them.  Dr. Martinez made sure our mother received the best care possible at all times and staff were available and there for us day and night.  Our beloved mom was in great care till the last moment.  We are very thankful and grateful.”  (2023)

“We just want to thank all the members of the Uni Care team who helped us with our mother.  She was bedridden and during that time we received outstanding support in every way.  Lane, and then Telesa gave Mom regular baths, and showed us how to change the linen as needed.  Both ladies were exceptionally kind and hardworking.  Jim came over each week for nursing care, and was our liaison for supplies and medications.  His cheerful, prompt attention was very reassuring as he answered all our questions and helped us make care decisions.  Marisol, Sarah, and Naz also gave us full support.  Mom’s last years were safe, comfortable, and pain-free.  Being at home meant the world to us – we knew exactly how to meet her needs, all thanks to the outstanding team at Uni Care.  We highly recommend Uni Care.”  (2023)